Rebecka Sheffield is a doctoral candidate at the iSchool at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. Her research focusses on queer archives and social movement theory. She holds a Masters degree in Information Studies (UofT) and an undergraduate degree in Women’s and Gender Studies/Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon). She also completed post-graduate studies in Book + Magazine Publishing at the Centre for Creative Communication. 

Areas of Specialization: LGBTQ Archives & Heritage, Queer & Feminist Social Movements, Queer Theories, Sexualities & Histories

Areas of Competence:  Archival Theories & Methodologies, Information Studies, Social Movement Theory, Sexual Diversity Studies, Social Determinants of Health & Wellbeing, Feminist Theories & Methodologies, Sociology of Gender


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